Dependable Strengths

Discover your unique strengths and highlight hidden talents.

Identify you team’s talents and select the right people.

Attract new opportunities and embrace new possibilities.

What is the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process?

Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. originator of Dependable Strengths, believed we all have unique strengths. He called them ‘dependable strengths’. Starting his research in the 1940s, he is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the field of career planning after his work was considered central to manuals for Harvard Business School. Over the next 60 years, Haldane developed and refined his work, ultimately helping to co-found the Centre for Dependable Strengths at the University of Washington in Seattle in 2002.

Andra intimately knows just how transformative and empowering the Dependable Strengths programme can be, having been profoundly impacted as a client herself. Passionate about sharing the power of identifying and unlocking the excellence that lies within us all, in September 2018 in Seattle she became a certified Dependable Strengths facilitator. She joined the Board as a Member in December 2019.

What can it do for you?

Andra uses the Dependable Strengths Method, plus a good dose of her own intuition and professional experience, to lead her clients on an exploration, and importantly, an articulation of their own strengths. Sessions can either be in group workshop format with multiple participants or one on one. Together with her clients, she identifies individual strengths, holds them up and applauds them for what they really are – unique, marvellous expressions of the self! It’s really a life-affirming exercise.

So what do you get? You get a trip through your life, through the good parts, guided by a range of carefully curated questions designed to sift through the clutter and end up with the diamonds. Depending on how much you’re willing to contribute, you can also get a renewed sense of focus, wonder and curiosity for the next chapter in your life.

Who is it for?

This tool of self-exploration is an asset for everyone – especially helpful for those on the cusp of choice, in a period of change or experiencing a life transition, professionally or personally. DSAP is a harmony of self-evaluation, careers counselling, skills identification, and ultimately, self-empowerment.

This method is just as useful for those in the C-suite, learning how to ask the right key questions for choosing the right people for the right roles. Andra facilitates workshops designed to help people understand how to use this method with their own staff, team or students. 

Kirsten Green

I have had the pleasure of working with Andra on and off for over 10 years. Over this time, she has mentored and guided me on both a business and personal level. She is incredibly humble and practical with a great passion for achieving the best possible outcome. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and I have greatly appreciated the contribution she has made. Andra has a way of making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Helen Frett
CEO Red Cross BVI

I think it was great. I like the idea of focusing on my strengths; we tend to focus on weaknesses. I learnt things about myself that I didn’t even realize. I also like that I could help the other participants see their strengths. We all came away feeling better about ourselves. You are a great facilitator. I like the way you asked key questions to get the information out of us. I didn’t think to ask those questions. It was a good learning experience. I hope there is another level we can go to.

Karen Essex

With insight, sensitivity, and discretion, Andra Lazarescu asks gently probing questions about our preferences and experiences both high and low that challenge our assumptions about our own strengths, weaknesses, and professional goals and opportunities. It’s very hard for any of us, no matter how intelligent or self-aware, to see ourselves objectively. I highly recommend going through this fascinating process of self-discovery, especially at a point of departure in life. It opens up possibilities for us to explore or advance in areas that we may never have been aware of on our own.

Marianne Archibald

Andra recently took me through a process to identify my dependable strengths and it was a real eye opener for me (and Andra)! My strengths are somewhat different to what I thought they were but I knew when Andra was saying where I have strength that she was correct – even though it was surprising. This was an enlightening and uplifting process. I totally recommend it for helping you find your true north. Thank you Andra. I can’t wait to do more work with you!

Virginia Slutu
Silicon Valley Attorney

I have been very lucky to meet Andra at the very beginning of my career and am ever grateful to her for all the guidance I received over the years. Andra’s strategic thinking helped me understand my priorities and strengths, two things that paradoxically were not easy for me to see in myself. Our most recent interaction about my strengths and goals resulted in a very happy career adjustment for me, and most importantly in gaining a genuine enjoyment from what I do. I most appreciated her empathy, thoughtfulness, clarity, directness and integrity. She is a visionary coach who will guide you to discover your own vision of yourself.

Jennifer Dutton

Fancy not seeing what was right under my own nose, not recognising some of my own strengths? That was my ah-ha moment during a one-on-one consultation process. Andra concisely and precisely dissected our session discussion and extracted the pattern. She expertly identified some choices and behaviours I’d never seen in myself but made total sense when articulated. Going forward, I feel more empowered making choices in my career now I see myself more clearly. The session was hugely validating. Thank you!

Emily Wittbrodt
Dirk Former Diplomat

I was fortunate to be one of the first people to work with Andra on exploring dependable strengths. I was far away from home at the time and in a period of a major life transition, reevaluating every part of myself. The time I spent with Andra discussing my experiences and life was so worthwhile. Andra gently guided our conversation, which felt very natural and relaxed, and illuminated for me patterns and strengths I didn’t realize I had. I left uplifted and clear about what unique gifts I bring to a group and what strengths I can rely on. To my surprise, there were so many more possibilities and avenues where these strengths could be applied professionally and personally than I had originally assumed. If you are curious about yourself, in need of direction and clarity about what direction to go next, or if you know what you want to accomplish but need some support getting there, this is an excellent way to do so! You will feel empowered and ready to move forward!