Who we are

Andra Lazarescu


Andra is our Director. Her parents once described her as being born with a phone in her hand, and that is partially true. She is a communication addict and has been known to give her phones pet names. Having worked as a regulatory lawyer she is attuned to complexity, detail and how to cut to the chase and present the nub of the story. A strategic thinker, with a penchant for the future of all things, she is experienced in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Brimming with creativity, Andra uses her expertise to ensure our communication and marketing strategies are the best on the market. An advocate and story-teller, Andra dedicates her spare time to humanitarian causes in the Pacific region.

Emma Crabtree

Content & Community Manager

Emma is our is our Content and Community Manager. Based in a sunny spot of Europe she co-ordinates our campaigns and is our go-to person for media and stakeholders north of the equator. Much aplomb and a grand can-do attitude contribute to her amazing skill to connect and organise; she is an exemplary list maker. We know that we only play second fiddle to her four legged canine heroes, though. Emma runs the #dartacãoamigos shelter in Portugal.

Jennifer Dutton

Communication Acrobat

Jennifer is our little bit of everything. With a background in journalism, media production, and not-for-profit work, she thrives on the detail and the doing. A passionate list maker, she is our company closer who claps behind us all, both speeding along and applauding the communications magic. From copywriting to sky-writing, list management to crowd management, she does it all. For the rest of her week, she can be found in her kitchen in regional New Zealand, cooking and creating with her young daughter.

Hinching Chan

Senior Designer

Our Senior Designer and Art Director is the ubiquitous behind the scenes man. Rumour has it we all work for him – a la Charlie’s Angels. Hinching is based in South East Asia and makes our communications pop with visuals including colour, which everyone can relate to. He keeps us on the aesthetic elegance curve, no matter the assignment, and continually updates us on all things digital. Besides working with us, Hinching’s super cool past times are as a coffee connoisseur and a collector of luscious green plants, together with his wife.