They moved like
a “fish in the water”.

Seven Peaks handled the international PR for Avram Iancu, an
endurance swimmer of whom we were proud sponsors during his 2017 outdoor
swim down the Danube river. The work done by Seven Peaks resulted in
good press coverage in specialist media across the UK and the USA
including a nomination of Avram Iancu for WOWSA Swimmer of the Year
2017, the first nomination for a Romanian athlete.

— Daniela Sfrija, Managing Partner at CANAH International

Communication is our thing.
It makes us happy, and smile and get up in the morning.


Everyone has a story to tell. We help you shape your story and tell it to as many or as few people as necessary. Sometimes you need to shout it out loud, sometimes a whisper will do. Sometimes you need guidance on which will work better.


We design and deliver communication strategies and marketing plans for our clients to ensure their brands achieve growth in the increasingly competitive digital landscape.


Complexity is our comfort zone and simplicity is our aim. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, we come with experience in corporate, non-profit, government, and small to medium sized business.

Brand marketing

Social change



Public affairs


Andra Lazarescu

Andra is our Director. Her parents once described her as being born with a phone in her hand, and that is partially true. She is a communication addict and has been known to give her phones pet names. Having worked as a regulatory lawyer she is attuned to complexity, detail and how to cut to the chase and present the nub of the story. A strategic thinker, with a penchant for the future of all things, she is experienced in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Brimming with creativity, Andra uses her expertise to ensure our communication and marketing strategies are the best on the market. An advocate and story-teller, Andra dedicates her spare time to humanitarian causes in the Pacific region.

Emma Crabtree

Emma is our is our Content and Community Manager. Based in a sunny spot of Europe she co-ordinates our campaigns and is our go-to person for media and stakeholders north of the equator. Much aplomb and a grand can-do attitude contribute to her amazing skill to connect and organise; she is an exemplary list maker. We know that we only play second fiddle to her four legged canine heroes, though. Emma runs the #dartacãoamigos shelter in Portugal.

Ioana Crăciun

Ioana is our Senior Copywriter and PR Manager. Her primary responsibility is to craft communication pieces that make the public relations campaign zing. Trained as an international lawyer at the Hague, she has great capacity to transform complex material into bite sized morsels of vital information. Her experience includes working for EU and UN aid and humanitarian agencies in the Pacific. Outside of work she enjoys travelling, hiking and cooking.

Hinching Chan

Our Senior Designer and Art Director is the ubiquitous behind the scenes man. Rumour has it we all work for him – a la Charlie’s Angels. Hinching is based in South East Asia and makes our communications pop with visuals including colour, which everyone can relate to. He keeps us on the aesthetic elegance curve, no matter the assignment, and continually updates us on all things digital. Besides working with us, Hinching’s super cool past times are as a coffee connoisseur and a collector of luscious green plants, together with his wife.

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